Futbolear| A Complete Guide

Futbolear is also called Footvolley or soccer volleyball. The game is new and getting the attraction of people all over the world. In this game, the player uses the skills and techniques of soccer takes the movements and strategies from volleyball, and creates a different game.

In the 1960s the game was first time played in Brazil. The first time it was played on Rio de Janeiro’s beaches by Brazilian soccer players so they could make their ball control and footwork better. After this, the game gets a lot of popularity among professional players and then it becomes counted as a game and has its own set of rules and regulations.

In a few years, Futbolear has exceeded its beaches and is now played as an indoor stadium, and outdoor courts and now you can play on the grass fields. The game gives you a mixture of teamwork, creativity, and athleticism and attracts players from different areas of life and now the game has recognition all over the world.

Rules and Regulations of Futbolear

Whenever you have to play any of the games it is important for you to follow the rules and regulations of the game. It is called beach soccer and is a fast-paced game that has some elements from soccer and people love to play the game on sand. To play a fair game you have to follow some of the basic rules and regulations of the game. The complete list of the rules and regulations are given below. Read them and follow the same rules when you have to play the game.

  1. Field Size and Equipment

The players have to make sure that they have the same size as the field. The ground of it is smaller than soccer and usually 30-40 meters long and 20-30 meters wide. The goal region is also small having 2 meaters high by 5 meters wide. The game is played with a different ball that is not a soccer ball or is smaller in size.

  1. Number of Players

So both teams must have five players in the team on the field at one time. In these five one is the goalkeeper. You can keep three substitute players. They are eligible to interchange at any point of the game.

  1. Duration of Game

A game has three period, each period is of 12 minutes and have a two minutes break between these period. If both the teams are on same points after three period. They will follow the overtime or penalty shootout depends upon the rules and regulations of the games.

  1. Kickoff and Restarts

The game will start after a kickoff from the center point in the beginning of each period or after getting a scored.

How to Play and Scoring System

If you are playing Futbolear it is unique and exciting game that is a mixture of soccer, basketball and volleyball. If you are playing the game for the first time or you are looking for the new skill. Then you must have to find out how you can play the game and understand the scoring system.

How to Play:

One of the main thing that you have to know about the Futbolear is how to play the game. The game is played between two to six players and are divided into two teams. The major aim of the game is to point score by throwing the ball or kicking the ball on the opposite goal and you have to follow the some of the rules given below:

  • You have to create a feild for the game. For the game you have to use a flat surface and the surface must have boundaries like cones and rope the mark out the playing area. The area of the feild depends uponthe number of players that are involved in the game. The normally area of the feild is 20*40 feet.
  • Then you need the equipment is soccer ball for Futbolear. Some of the players want to use the lighter balls and some use smaller balls for the game. The players must have the comfortable shoes so they can play the game with ease.
  • After setting your major things for the game now you have to play the game. You have to decide which team has possession of the ball first both teams have to take part in a penalty shootout. Each player from both team will have to take a chance to make a score aginst the other team.
  • After getting the possession of the ball gets now you have to start the game and make the game more interesting by starting the game.


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