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Phoodle is a puzzle game that has become a sensation in the online gaming community. It mixes wordplay with food. Players are required to solve a five-letter word related to food each day. Similar to the well-known game Wordle, but with a focus on food. This post provides you with tips and solutions to maintain your winning streak as your Update guide for today’s Phoodle answer. Keep in mind that you can play the game here at all times.

To help you solve the upcoming Phoodle Hint Today, 307 puzzle, set for March 11th, 2023, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints. These pointers will assist you in reducing the number of potential solutions, even though the task may be difficult.

In the fun and captivating game Phoodle, players have to guess a five-letter food-related term in six tries or less. Like Wordle, Phoodle uses black squares to indicate letters that are correct and in the proper place, white squares to indicate letters that are correct but in the incorrect place, and blank spaces to indicate incorrect letters to give players feedback. Players have to make wise guesses based on this feedback until they figure out the word or run out of attempts.

Phoodle’s Daily Puzzles: Past Answers

The same way that history can teach us, previous Phoodle solutions can aid in forecasting and resolving puzzles in the future. Here are a few responses from earlier this month:

Answers to Phoodle for July 2023

The answers for Phoodle for July 2023 are shown in the table below:

Date Answer
July 4, 2023 SKIRT
July 3, 2023 HULLS
July 2, 2023 HERBY
July 1, 2023 GARAM


Phoodle Answers for June 2023

The June 2023 Phoodle answers are as follows:

Date Answer
June 30, 2023 STEMS
June 29, 2023 TWIST
June 28, 2023 BRATS
June 27, 2023 JELLO


Answers for Phoodle in May 2023

The Phoodle answers for May 2023 are listed below:

Date Answer
May 31, 2023 FROND
May 30, 2023 DEVIL
May 29, 2023 SIDES
May 28, 2023 WOODY


Recall that these solutions are meant to serve as a guide to help you comprehend the logic and pattern of the game, not as a means of cheating.

Phoodle Answer of the Day: Examine the Specifics

You’re looking for today’s Phoodle solution if you’re here. This is your last chance to guess before we reveal the solution, so scroll up and give it another shot.

Phoodle’s response for today is:


In the culinary domain, this term can also refer to a kind of pastry, such as shortbread or shortcrust, in addition to a length or measurement.


Phoodle isn’t merely a game. It is a test of knowledge, intuition, and reasoning. It puts your vocabulary and culinary skills to the test. Continue learning and having fun! And never forget that the journey itself is just as enjoyable as the destination. So relish the process of making guesses and picking up new vocabulary every day. Cheers, Phooling!

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