How to Use Bubble Sort in C Programming

Bubble Sort is a form of an algorithm that is mostly used to sort elements in a list or array. This is used by mostly making comparisons in the elements and can shift them in order if they are not in the right order. the algorithm makes the number of swaps until there are no more swaps needed and ends here. In this number of swamps are made. These unsorted element bubbles make the right positions so it is called Bubble Sort.

Algorithm for Optimized Bubble Sort


swapped <- false

for i <- 1 to index Of Last Unsorted Element-1

if left Element > right Element

swap left Element and right Element

swapped <- true

end bubbleSort

The Complexity of Bubble Sort in C

Time Complexity

  • If the array elements are from lower to higher order and you want to make it in higher to lower order it will be the worst case. This is the time complexity for the worst case.
  • If your elements are sorted already and there is no shifting then this is the best-case complexity.
  • In the average case, complexity elements are mixed up and the time complexity for the average case in bubble sort is in O.

Space Complexity

  • The standard bubble sort algorithm is O(1) as there is a need for one more variable so they can hold the shifting of elements for a short time.
  • The optimized implementation of the bubble sort algorithm is O(2) for space complexity. In this, there is a need for two or more additional variables.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bubble Sort

Advantages of Bubble Sort

  • These are easy to understand and you can use them easily
  • In this, there is a need for fewer lines of code for implementation
  • If you are working on small databases then you can use this
  • The elements that have the same values will get their related order.

Disadvantages of Bubble Sort

  • The major disadvantage is the time complexity of O(N*2) which makes it more difficult for large datasets
  • It takes a long time to show your large datasets and make your algorithms more efficient
  • If you need this for real-world applications then it is not good for you. If you need some quick solutions then you have to use quick sort, or merge sort.
  • If they have to work on a number of elements that are not good with these large sets of data.

Bubble Sort Applications

The best time when you have to use Bubble Sort in C is:

  • If there is no complexity in your data sets
  • If you didn’t have to make issues with the slow execution speed
  • If you have to perform short and easy-to-understand coding

Alternatives to Bubble Sort in C

If you are looking for some more algorithms for sorting then there is a list of alternatives available for you for Bubble Sort in C. Some of these are as follows:

  • Quicksort
  • Selection sort
  • Merge sort
  • Insertion sort


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