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Study in italy Scholarships

Study in Italy Scholarships, International college students who desire to observe in Europe can follow up now for UNICAM Scholarships 2022 in Italy. The University of Camerino Italy is imparting PhD scholarships in 2022. International graduates discover Italy to be one of the friendliest locations withinside the world. An exact recognition is likewise loved through college in academia and studies across the world. According to the Times Higher Education Rankings in Italy, the University of Camerino is ranked 501-six hundred and 657th globally. Italian government scholarship, Admissions to PhD packages at the University of Camerino Italy had been introduced for 2022, in addition to scholarships and funded initiatives for PhD college students. Below are the details.

Call for the Applications University of Camerino PhD. Scholarship in Italy for international students 2022 Programs are open to International Students for the 2022-2023 Academic Session. There are some Scholarships reserved and offered to International Students each yr at the University of Camerino, and this yr isn’t any exception. 5200 euro scholarship Italy in addition to scholarships supplied to worldwide students, a few unique PhD studies publications also are to be had to Chinese citizens.

Italian Government Scholarships for foreign students, The utility ought to reveal advantages in teachers and different educational overall performance which will be taken into consideration for a scholarship. After those funded PhD positions are filled, others could be on self-funded applications due to the fact that scholarship positions are limited. For the thirty-eighth cycle of PhD applications activated with the aid of using the School of Advanced Studies – International Doctoral School of the University of Camerino, there may be a completely unique choice method for EU residents and non-EU residents.

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Complete Details of UNICAM Scholarships 2022 in Italy Fully Funded Without IELTS:

Offered Degrees PhD
Scholarship Support Fully Funded
Country Italy
University University of Camerino
Eligibility Internationals
Last Date: 30 August 2022


Scholarship Support:

  • Tuition fees are not charged to applicants.
    Meals are free (at least twice a day)
  • The scholarships are distributed in 36 monthly instalments, totalling €14.346,36 annually.
  • Accommodations for international students (favourably available for female students)

The total number of scholarships awarded to different departments is as follows:

  1. A total of 6 scholarships are available for architecture, design, and planning
  2. The total number of scholarships for chemical and pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology is nine
  3. A total of 6 scholarships are available for computer science and mathematics
  4. A total of 4 scholarships are available for legal and social sciences
  5. A total of 8 Life and Health Sciences Scholarships are available
  6. A total of 5 scholarships are available for natural hazards and disaster risk reduction
  7. Four scholarships for neglected and poverty-related parasitic diseases in one”.
  8. A total of 10 scholarships are available in the fields of physics, earth science, and materials science

The University of Camerino offers the following academic fields or subjects:

Camerino University, Italy has announced PhD scholarship opportunities for 2022. The following is a complete list of all subjects:

Architecture, design, planning
  • Architecture, Ideas and Design
  • Innovation Design
  • Sustainable urban planning and hinterland development strategies
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology


Chemical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Sciences
Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
Legal and Social Sciences
  • Civil Law and Constitutional Legality
  • Fundamental rights in a global society
  • Life and Health Sciences

Molecular Biology and Cellular Biotechnology

  • A health (integrated approach to health, focusing on interactions between
    (Inland Valorization with a focus on animals, humans, and the environment)
  • Nutrition, Food, and Health
  • Physics, Earth, and Materials Sciences
  • Physical and chemical processes in terrestrial systems
  • Materials Sciences.
Molecular Biology and Cellular Biotechnology
  • (Integrated health, domestic value, and interactions between animals, humans, and the environment) (4 scholarships)
  • The relationship between nutrition, food, and health
Physics, Earth Sciences, and Materials Sciences (10 scholarships)
  • Physics
  • Physical and chemical processes in terrestrial systems
  • Materials Sciences
  • Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction (5 Scholarships)

Various universities that have signed cooperation agreements with the University of Camerino Italy offer other special scholarships to Chinese students.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Students from Italy and abroad must obtain a master’s degree before applying for this PhD call
  2. In order to be considered for admission, candidates must have completed their specialization or master’s degree program by Friday, 25 November 2022.
  3. As per the pre-defined template indicated in the same email, applicants should provide at least three names of professors/researchers (presenters) who will receive the request via email for a cover letter. has been prepared.
  4. Applicants should ensure that their referees have uploaded their cover letters.
  5. Applications are received after the last referees uploaded their cover letters. one above will not be considered valid.

Necessary Documents:

  1. Educational Transcript of  BS and Master
  2. Passport for International Students.
  3. Detailed Resume/CV.
  4. The motivational letter or Statement of purpose.
  5. Study Plan or Research Proposal
  6. English Proficiency Certificate
  7. Recommendation Letters.
  8. Health Certificate.

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Application Last Date:

  • The Application deadline to Apply for UNICAM Scholarships 2022 in Italy Fully Funded Without IELTS is 30 August 2022

Guidelines on how to Apply for UNICAM Scholarships 2022 in Italy Fully Funded Without IELTS:

  • All the Process is Online so Not need to send a hard copy. Visit the below website to Apply for UNICAM Scholarships 2022 in Italy Fully Funded Without IELTS.

Guidelines for Application Process

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