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Slovakia Government Scholarships 2022 – Fully Funded

Great News, Applications are open for Slovakia Government Scholarships 2022 for global college students. This National Scholarship Program in Slovakia is open for all nationalities across the world. NSP of the Slovak Republic is funded via way of means of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. This is a Fully Funded Ph.D. scholarship for global college students for the educational 12 months of 2022.

The scholarship will cowl all take a look at and dwelling prices in Slovakia. Also, a month-to-month stipend could be supplied to every student. The quantity of month-to-month stipend is one-of-a-kind for every class of students. Moreover, all educational fields are presented via way of means of scholarship. Students can take a look overseas in Slovakia for free.

Slovakia Government Ministry of Education International Scholarships is being presented at pinnacle Slovakia Universities. This is the first-rate possibility to take a look at in Europe for free. NSP Scholarship software is the largest scholarship for Ph.D. The purpose of this scholarship is to helps the mobility of global students.

Slovakia Government Scholarships Detail

  • Country: Slovakia
  • Host Institute: Slovakia Universities
  • Degree Level: PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligibility: International Students
  • Deadline: 31st April

The Slovakia Government Ministry of Education International Scholarship 2022 is supposed to guide worldwide scholarship recipients’ dwelling charges, i.e., charges related to dwelling in Slovakia (food, lodging, etc.) whilst studying, accomplishing studies, or coaching at universities and studies institutes in Slovakia. The scholarship recipient can both are seeking for his or her host group for help with housing and legalities related to coming and ultimate withinside the territory of the Slovak Republic, or he or she will contend with all of the necessities themselves.

The monthly scholarship amount for each student is mentioned below.

  • University student of the second level of higher education: 400 €
  • Ph.D. student: 734 €
  • University teacher/researcher/artist:
    • without a Ph.D. (or its equivalent) and fewer than 4 years of experience as a university professor, researcher, or artist: 734 €
    • having a Ph.D. (or its equivalent) and less than 10 years of experience as a university professor, researcher, or artist: 980 €
    • having a Ph.D. (or its equivalent) and more than 10 years of experience as a university professor, researcher, or artist: 1050 €

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Slovakia Government Scholarships 2022 is as below:

  • The students who:
    • Are university students at universities outside Slovakia;
    • are students at the second level of higher education (master’s students), or students who have already completed at least 2.5 years of university studies in the same study program at the time of application deadline.
    • will be on a study stay in Slovakia during their higher education outside Slovakia and will be accepted for academic mobility by the public, state, or private universities in Slovakia.

Note: All three requirements must be met. Doctoral (Ph.D.) studies are not included in this category (or their equivalent).

  • Scholarship stay (students): 1 – 2 complete semesters (i.e. 4 – 5 or 9 – 10 months) or full 1 – 3 trimesters (i.e. 3 – 4 or 6 – 7 or 9 – 10 months) if the academic year is broken into trimesters.
  • Ph.D. students whose higher education or scientific training takes place outside of Slovakia and who are accepted for academic mobility to study/conduct research/artistic stay in Slovakia by the public, private, or state university or a research institution in Slovakia eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme2 (e.g. the Slovak Academy of Sciences).
    • Scholarship stays range from one to ten months for Ph.D. students.
  • International university professors, researchers, and artists who have been invited to teach, conduct research, or performance art in Slovakia by an institution that has a valid certificate of eligibility to conduct research and development.
    • scholarship stay (for university lecturers, researchers, or artists) might last anywhere from one to ten months.

Nationals of any country can apply for a scholarship stay in Slovakia through the NSP framework, with the exception of citizens of Slovakia.

Scholarship Deadline

  • 31 October at 16:00 CET – scholarship stays during the current academic year’s summer semester
  • April 30th at 16:00 CET – Scholarships will be awarded for the next academic year.

How to Apply

Applications for Slovakia Government Scholarships 2022 can be submitted online at At least 6 weeks before the application deadline, the online application system is made available. Only if the online application system has already been opened may applications be filled out.

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