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NATO Defense College Fellowships Fully Funded

Pursue your education in Italy. Good news! operations for NATO Defense College Fellowships are presently open. In this composition, we will explain further about this study program, its benefits, and the step-by-step operation process.

NATO Defense College Fellowship 2022 completely funded exploration education for transnational scholars. This cooperation will give an entitlement to cover the cost of his stay in Rome and his trip charges.
The NATO Defense College Fellowship is open to transnational scholars to pursue exploration studies in Italy. NATO Defense College presently offers eight periodic relations linked to NATO and its abettors in the area of defence and security policy studies.

The end is to promote policy exploration and analysis in the areas of major concern the NATO Member States, as well as nations that are part of the Partnership for Peace( PfP), Mediterranean Dialog( MD) and the United Nations Military Partnership( OMC) International Partnership( PAG). The College has awarded an aggregate of 109 bursaries over the times and including 2017 since the program was launched in 1993. The charge of NATO Defense College is to conduct academic and learning courses to promote the broader pretensions of the Alliance.

The main idea is to promote policy exploration and analysis in the areas of interest of NATO Member States, as well as in the Partnership for Peace( PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue( MD), and Other Military hookups( OMC) International Partners( PAG) structures.


The Resident Fellowship program has the following specific objectives:

  1. contribute to the research activities calendar of the Alliance by working on topics of interest to the Alliance;
  2. to contribute to the study of the NATO agenda in NATO member states and partner countries;
  3. to provide Friends and Scholars with the opportunity to learn from the NATO community, and to gain a full understanding of the College and work in the international arena;
  4. increase NATO awareness and NDC role in NATO allies and member states;
  5. to provide courses in the Senior Course (SC) and the NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC) each;
  6. to contribute to the educational activities of the NDC;
  7. to help promote the development of Experts on NATO-related issues.

Summary of Scholarship

Scholarship Coverage

NATO Defense College Fsocis provides recipients with the following benefits:

  • Each person will receive a small amount of money to cover the cost of living in Rome and his own travel expenses.
  • Qualifications for NATO Defense College Fellowships
  • To qualify for the NATO Defense College Fellowships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Required Languages:

  • An excellent level of English language proficiency is required.
  • Knowledge of French and/or Italian can also be helpful but not essential.
  • Eligible Countries: the NATO Member States, as well as member states of the Partnership for Peace (PfP),
  • Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), and the United Nations Military Partnership (OMC) / Partners Across the Globe (PAG).
  • Students must have a good working knowledge of English or French and have computer skills.
  • English Language Requirements: An excellent level of English language level is required. Knowledge of French and/or Italian can be helpful but not essential

How do you apply for the NATO Defense College Research Fellowships?

Please follow the instructions below for this tutorial.

Complete the online application.
Send separately in one pdf file CV, ID (Passport or national ID), and a short biography to the following email address:


To find out more about NATO Defense College Fellowships, please visit the official website:

Official Website

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