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Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer

Are you concerned approximately the scientific bills, Dallas car accident lawyer neglected time at paintings and different economic losses which you have incurred due to the damage induced to you because of a person else’s careless driving?

car accident attorney Dallas Our wealthy felony information and profound understanding are the nice property to have to your facet to get pretty compensated for accidents induced in vehicle accidents.

Well, then through the regulation of the state, car accident attorney in Dallas you’ve got proper to get compensated. However, it isn’t always as smooth to get the repayment which you lawfully deserve from the third birthday celebration or their coverage company. Most of the time, insurers attempt to lessen the quantity of repayment by arguing that the sufferer turned into at fault.

car accident attorney Dallas tx You have to have a lively and competitive criminal illustration to ensure that this doesn’t manifest to you and make certain you get a truthful price on your claim. At Thompson Law, we try this higher than every personal injury withinside the private harm space.

You can assume our Dallas automobile coincidence legal professionals to aggressively combat your case and get you complete and truthful repayment for the losses and ache which you have suffered due to the coincidence. At Thompson Law, we cope with all instances on a contingency charge basis. This method which you don’t need to pay us till we get better cash for you.

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Dallas Car Accident Statistics & Common Causes

According to the 2020 Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics report Statistics file with the aid of using the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), there had been a complete 364,357 general crashes in Texas. Of those, 1,905 collisions concerned fatalities for 2,041 individuals, and 7,777 crashes brought about extreme accidents for 9,107 people. Further, kind of 19% of crashes concerned probably or viable accidents, as 68,472 crashes brought about viable accidents for 106,236 individuals.

By contrast, there had been a complete 31,976 general crashes in Dallas, Texas. Of those, 205 collisions brought about the deaths of 225 individuals, and 816 crashes brought about extreme accidents for 959 people. Further, kind of 18% of crashes concerned probably or viable accidents, as 5,780 crashes brought about viable accidents for 9,421 individuals.

The most common causes of car accidents that have been reported by the Dallas Police Department in 2021 were:

  • Failed to control speed (7,503 collisions)
  • Failed to drive in a single lane (4,184 collisions)
  • Changed lane when unsafe (4,090 collisions)
  • Failed to yield right of way turning left (2,476 collisions)
  • Followed too closely (2,444 collisions)
  • Disregard of stop and go signal (2,250 collisions)
  • Faulty evasive action (2,016 collisions)
  • Unsafe speed (1,802 collisions)

Understanding Your Rights

Since automobile injuries are pretty not unusual to place in Dallas, it’s far crucial that you recognize your rights. You have to additionally recognize what steps to take after an automobile crash.

Texas regulation places no limits or caps on your ache and suffering. With this method, you may get a massive repayment in case you are trying to find criminal help and report for a declaration. Compensation is your right, and our Dallas automobile coincidence legal professionals will do something we are able to that will help you get the quantity which you deserve.

At Thompson Law, we apprehend your ache and recognize that no amount of money can make amends for your fitness or the lack of a cherished one withinside the automobile coincidence. However, via way of means of submitting a declaration in opposition to the birthday celebration accountable for the coincidence, it can:

  • Help you receive costly health care and treatments needed to recover
  • Compensate for lost earnings
  • Provide a sense of closure
  • Restore your sense of justice
  • Compensate the family of the deceased person that relied on them for financial support

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

It does not matter whether you live in Dallas, were visiting Dallas for a concert or sporting event, or were just travelling through Dallas when your accident occurred – the Dallas car accident lawyers at Thompson Law can help.

If you were severely injured in your accident, you should immediately seek medical assistance for your injuries. Once your condition is stable, you should contact the experienced Dallas car accident lawyers at Thompson Law to file a claim against the negligent driver.

However, if you are physically capable of moving and standing after the car crash, then you should be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Stop and Move to Safety:  Regardless of the severity of the collision, you must stop to prevent being cited for a hit-and-run accident per Texas Transportation Code § 550.022. Also, if you are able to move to a safe location off the roadway to avoid being the victim of a secondary collision. You may also want to put on your hazard lights to signal other drivers that an accident has occurred.
  2. Dial 911:  Calling 911 in an emergency, such as a car accident, will alert the Dallas Police Department and EMS to work on ensuring your safety, creating a crash report, and contacting an ambulance if needed.
  3. Provide an Honest Statement:  Your statement to the police should describe how you believe the accident happened, but do not apologize for the accident as it can be construed as an admission of fault, even when you are saying it in politeness. Never comment on how you feel physically or allow an insurance adjuster to record your statement, and do not comment on social media about your accident as insurance companies can use it against you later. Our Dallas car accident lawyers will obtain your Dallas crash report and work to establish liability with the insurance companies based off the report and other evidence.
  4. Collection Info and Take Pictures: Take pictures of everything, as this early post-accident information will serve as the basis for your injury claim. You should take photos of every vehicle involved in the collision to show property damage and establish a basis for the mechanism of injury due to the force of the collision. When collecting data from the other drivers – drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) – be sure to take photos in addition to writing the information down, so you can ensure the accuracy of the data.
  5. Scan for Evidence:  Look to see if anyone witnessed or captured the accident, for example with a dash camera or cameras at nearby businesses.
  6. Seek Medical Treatment:  Getting medical treatment after an accident is important both for ensuring your physical health, and to establish a causal relationship between your injuries and the accident.
  7. Document Everything:  Personal injury claims can take time to resolve, so it is crucial to document your injuries in photos even before they heal (e.g., bruising, lacerations, abrasions, scarring). You may have missed work, so it is important to document lost wages. Often property other than the vehicle itself is damaged in accidents (e.g., laptop computers, mobile phones), so document that damage and retain any repair receipts.
  8. Call Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers: Insurance claims involving a personal injury attorney have been shown to result in up to a 3x increase in compensation to victims of car accidents, versus claims handled independently by an individual. Thompson Law has a strong track record of providing excellent results for our clients, and we stand ready to assist with your claim.

Remember, it is the job of insurance adjusters to reduce insurance claims payouts. They have no interest in you getting your full and fair compensation. Thus, never sign any release, authorization, or anything for the insurance company of the party at fault.

DOs and DON’Ts After a Car Accident

The movements you’re taking after being in a vehicle twist of fate have an effect on the quantity of repayment you’re possible to receive. Therefore, to shield your rights to repayment for the damages and injuries here’s what you must and must now no longer do after a twist of fate.

Traumatic Repercussions of a Collision

Physical accidents aren’t the best after-impact of an automobile collision. Mental and emotional effects are common effects of those activities as well. Personal damage is the 6th maximum annoying occasion that a person can revel in of their lifetime, in keeping with the Life Change Index. Personal damage due to an automobile twist of fate can reason someone to revel in even greater reviews at the listing such as important modifications to monetary circumstances, modifications to bodily habits, or maybe dying of a cherished one. Numerous and mixed stressors like those can upward push to untenable stages for the ones suffering.

After the trauma of an automobile twist of fate, you deserve justice and closure, in addition to an agreed price on your pain, suffering, and losses. With Thompson Law combating for you, you’ll now no longer face the at-fault parties, coverage companies, and different culpable retailers alone. Our Texas automobile twist of fate legal professionals deeply recognize the far-attaining monetary implications and good-sized demanding situations that include a private damage occasion. This compassion is what units our exercise aside and makes all of the distinction for you as our client.

Funds received at your settlement can help cover the immediate and long-term costs associated with:

No-Cost Representation by Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

Call Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Today!

If you are asking yourself “When is the best time to contact a personal injury lawyer after a car accident,” the answer is NOW! Thompson Law offers FREE CASE REVIEWS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Further, we charge NO FEE unless we win.

You will not incur any attorney fees, court costs, legal expenses, or any other costs unless we recover money on your behalf. If our Dallas car accident lawyers do obtain a settlement for you, our fee will only come out of a portion of the settlement.

If you need a Dallas car accident lawyer, give us a call today and let us do the fighting for you. If you do not need an accident lawyer today, save our contact card in your phone instead of searching “car accident lawyer near me” after you are in an accident, so we will be there for you when you do need us.

The statute of limitations in Texas is 2 years in most injury accidents. If you have been injured in an accident, call us today or submit a form for a NO COST, NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with a Dallas car accident lawyer at Thompson Law. Take action to protect your right to a full value monetary recovery. The sooner you know your options, the faster you’ll be on the path to recovery.

Life Cycle of a Car Accident Claim

The Personal Injury Claims Process


If you have never been involved in a car accident before, you may be wondering “What is the process for making a personal injury claim?” There are many factors that impact the process itself and questions like “What is my auto accident claim worth?”

The graphic below will provide you with a general understanding of the life cycle of a car accident claim. Once you take the first step on your road to recovery and call our firm, your Dallas car accident lawyer at Thompson Law can answer any other specific questions.

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