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The Boston University Trustee Scholarships is a highly competitive merit-based scholarship offered by Boston University. The scholarship is awarded to incoming undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic and leadership potential.

Recipients of the Trustee Scholarship receive full tuition coverage for four years of undergraduate study at Boston University. In addition to the financial award, Trustee Scholars receive special opportunities for academic, personal, and professional growth, including exclusive programming and access to resources on campus.

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To be eligible for the Trustee Scholarship, students must apply for admission to Boston University and be admitted to the University by the early decision deadline. Students who are admitted to Boston University will then be considered for the scholarship based on their academic records, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations.

The competition for the Trustee Scholarship is highly competitive, and only a small number of students are selected to receive the scholarship each year. To maximize your chances of receiving the scholarship, it’s important to have a strong academic record, a well-rounded portfolio of extracurricular activities, and compelling essays that demonstrate your potential for leadership and academic achievement.

If you’re interested in applying for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship, be sure to visit the Boston University website for more information on the scholarship and the application process.

Details About Boston University Scholarship 2023

  • Country: Canada
  • University: Boston University
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • Deadline: 1st March, 2023

The Boston University Trustee Scholarship provides numerous benefits to its recipients, including:

  • Full Tuition Coverage: The scholarship provides full tuition coverage for four years of undergraduate study at Boston University, which can save recipients tens of thousands of dollars in tuition costs.
  • Special Opportunities: Trustee Scholars have access to exclusive programming and resources on campus, including academic advising, leadership development opportunities, and networking events with alumni and other members of the BU community.
  • Prestige: Receiving the Trustee Scholarship is a significant achievement and recognition of academic and leadership potential. It can enhance a student’s resume and serve as a valuable credential for future academic and professional opportunities.
  • Connections: Trustee Scholars have the opportunity to form close relationships with other Trustee Scholars, faculty, and staff at Boston University, which can provide valuable networking opportunities and support throughout their time at BU and beyond.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Trustee Scholars have access to resources and programming designed to support their personal and professional growth, including mentorship opportunities, workshops, and leadership development programs.

Overall, the Boston University Trustee Scholarship provides recipients with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience, along with valuable financial support and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of winning the Boston University Trustee Scholarship:

  • Maintain a strong GPA: The Trustee Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship, so it’s important to have a strong academic record. Aim for a high GPA, and take challenging courses to demonstrate your ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities: Trustee Scholars are expected to be well-rounded individuals with a passion for leadership and community service. Get involved in clubs, organizations, or volunteer activities that align with your interests and goals.
  • Start preparing your application early: The Trustee Scholarship is a highly competitive award, and it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your application. Start gathering materials and preparing your essays well in advance of the deadline.
  • Seek out recommendations: Recommendations from teachers, coaches, or other individuals who know you well can provide valuable insight into your character, abilities, and potential. Choose recommenders who can speak to your achievements and leadership qualities, and give them plenty of time to write a strong letter of recommendation.
  • Write compelling essays: The essays are an important part of your Trustee Scholarship application, and they provide an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills and share your goals, passions, and leadership potential. Take the time to write thoughtful, well-written essays that demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence and leadership.
  • Show your interest in Boston University: Demonstrating your interest in Boston University and your excitement about the opportunities it offers can set you apart from other applicants. Visit campus, speak with current students, and engage with the BU community to show your commitment to becoming a part of the BU family.

By following these tips and putting in the time and effort to prepare a strong application, you can increase your chances of winning the Boston University Trustee Scholarship. Good luck!


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